Friday, July 30, 2010

Making Memories

So yesterday the girls and I went to Wantagh Park and swam in the pool there and enjoyed some fun in the sun. We got to enjoy the day with Karyn and her daughters. The day was beautiful, the temperature amazing and the amount of people was few. We got to enjoy the water slide with the older girls and play with the squirt guns with the littles. Everyone participated in a few rounds of sharks and minnows and the smiles and giggles were endless! After finishing our swimming Karyn was telling me about the crabs that you can find down on the shoreline of the beach.
We decided to take the girls on an adventure. What I didn't know was that I would be the one with the sense of adventure that day. As we approached the shoreline Karyn lifted the first rock and out ran little tiny crabs. As we walked down the beach more rocks were turned and even more treasures were found. Along the beach were a variety of creatures, horseshoe crabs, ocean centipedes, mussels, clams and seaweed. As we walked down the beach the adventure turned into a hunt and we became more and more excited about the treasures we were finding.The girls excitment elevated as we travelled further down the beach. I found myself just as excited as them as more discoveries were made. Lanie was ahead looking around as Kara took more of a slower pace stopping to throw a few pebbles into the water and occassionally saw a few forms of wildlife along the way. I got to hold a tiny crab and got to share the experience with my children, one that I would not have been able to had I not been encouraged to try something new.
As we left the beach, Lanie and Kayla picked up their treasures that came in the form of horseshoe crabs (dead of course!) and the hopes of sharing their new discoveries with their families and maybe even a show and tell in their new classrooms in the Fall.
As I was thinking about the wonderful time that we had yesterday it reminded me of the importance of stopping and pausing in my everyday life to make a memory. I am sure that the time that we had at the beach will someday be a part of a story or in a memory in the future. Those memories will not only be in my childrens' minds but also in mine.
As a wise woman once said.... "take the time and bake the cookies"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a Bird.... It's a plane.... no it's super Dad!!!

So I was wondering this week what to write my blog about and I really got thinking about Doug and the importance He plays in my life, the life of our children, and his role here at Burwell Manor. Doug plays many roles as husband, father, household leader, fix it man, and main provider.
In the past, the role of the man was to go to the office or workplace and come home with the bacon while the wife threw it in the pan and cooked it up for him while the kids went running around the living room and fido would run over with the pipe and newspaper. It was the days of superman and batman and good vs. evil as well as the women's movement. It seemed that the woman had her role i.e. caring for the kids and keeping the house clean while the man's role was i.e. working outside the home, and taking care of the yard.
Times have now changed and men as well as Doug have changed with this new movement of combining roles. I have to give Doug lots of credit as He wakes everyday by 6am and is out the door to battle the world while the rest of us slumber a few more hours. His job is not an easy job He has deadlines to meet, people to talk to and errands to be done. I never hear Doug complain about His job He always comes home and is happy to be home even though he has put in a hard long day. He is happy to provide for his family and seems to have a pride in doing it that asks for no verbal affirmation it is almost like this what He feels He must do. I am thankful for the home and food and all the needs that He gives to us so freely that we often forget to tell him "Thanks."
Doug is not only a provider he is a fix it man. When something breaks in the house he is the one that is called upon to fix it. Although Doug does not always consider this to be his strong suit he has manage to fix quite a few things in our house. He has installed new flooring, fixed a leaky sink, caulked a tub, and has made two great flower beds for my vegetable garden this year. His ability to take on something that he is unsure of and accomplish it inspires me to try something that I am unsure of. Doug has impressed me with his "fix it" attitude.
He is also the Daddy in our household.As Daddy Doug has many roles caretaker (helping with dressing and changing diapers), activities coordinator (impromptu soccer game and trips to the park) and wrestler. One of my favorite things to do is watch him with his girls. I love to watch him wrestle, play and tickle our girls. The girls can not get enough of him, they love to hug and snuggle him and often run to him before me to help heal the hurts of life. I really value the relationship that he shares with our girls as I know that studies have shown that the relationship that girls have with their Fathers play a major role in the man or relationship that they will have later in life. I know both of our girls consider him their Superman!
Every once in a while Doug is in the role of housekeeper. He has to help with meals (he made a wonderful stir fry this week), helps with dishes, and has been seen doing a laundry load or two. The times have changed and that means that both of us work so that means both people have to chip in!Doug has been a good support and is going to have more responsibility as I head back to school. He is willing to take it on so I can fulfill my dreams.
Lastly, Doug is a great husband! He is a support to me when times are good and bad. He is my number one cheerleader and always makes me feel good even when I do not feel the same about myself. I appreciate having someone I can share my secrets with, my day with and my life with.
So even though in the past the man came home and dropped off the bacon, I am glad that my man can now do it all. To me He is our Superman!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

As two sister's grow together

As I continue this journey of this adventure called motherhood I have seen,heard, cried, laughed, and experienced many things. One of the best experiences that I have been lucky enough to be a part of is life's greatest bond and that is the bond of two sisters.
When Lanie was an only child my mind would sometimes linger and wonder what it would be like for Lanie to have a sibling. We wanted so badly to have another child, and Lanie as she got older began to pray for a sibling and specifically a sister. We were happy to have either a son or a daughter but Lanie always requested a "sister". As always God was in charge and answered all of our prayers and gave us a beautiful baby girl.
When Kara was born she was a fun baby and Lanie looked at her as someone to play with and enjoyed her new title and role as big sister. As time past and Kara depended on all of us and learned to look at Lanie as not only a sister but a caregiver. Kara would smile at Lanie and put her arms out to her which warmed Lanie's heart and made her happy.
Now Kara is bigger and she is starting to show her independence and that need for Lanie to be the caregiver has changed. Kara now talks and can say what is on her mind and is able to verbally express her love to Lanie. I am seeing both of my girls change through this process which is really cool.
Lanie still wants to be the caretaker, but her role is now changing and the need to be a caregiver is less.I am able to see Kara say " I miss Lanie" when Lanie is at school or out playing. Lanie looks forward to the kisses that are freely given and the piggy back rides that she offers and Kara quickly accepts! I can look out the window and see them both playing together on the front lawn,or playing one of Kara's favorite games "Diego" which Lanie plays along with even though it is a "baby game"
I look forward to the years to come when they can talk to each other about anything, laugh together, and maybe even a few times cry together.I have learned on this adventure that one of the greatest bonds in life is that of always knowing that no matter what your sister is there and is one of the people in this world that you can depend on!
So I have learned that God knew what He was doing and answered all of our prayers!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lanie goes to 4th grade!

So Lanie has entered the world of fourth grade and is very excited to begin the adventure! Lanie's day started at the crack of dawn, with clothes and hair perfect, and ready with her back pack on even before the alarm had gone off. I am not fooling myself into think that this will always be this way, but I will take it for now! She smiled for pictures and was happy to see old and new friends and with a smile and wave she happily entered the building as a "upper class man" at Abbey Lane. I was just as excited as she was and anxious to hear about the wonderful day that she was going to have. I had no idea the news she would be coming home with that day.
It was three o'clock and time for the afternoon pickup as children filed out of the school the parents waved and the kids smiled. Lanie had a smile on her face but there was an extra skip to her step and a sparkle in her eye. "Mom, Mom I have great news!" I asked how her teacher was and who was in her class which she quickly told me but she had a better story to share with me that day. So, I have to tell you what happened today. I listened careful as the story unfolded. She said that while sitting in class there was a knock at the door. The music teacher Mr. Carpone entered the room and said that he needed to speak with someone who was in her classroom and a boy raised his hand as if the he was the one that the teacher was looking for, but he was not the one that the teacher was looking for that day. I need to speak with Elaina,(Lanie then thought to herself ...wait I don't get picked for anything) she proceeded to go into the hall with the teacher. The teacher then informed her that the best cello player that the school had had graduated last year and they really needed someone to take her place. He then proceeded to inform Lanie that she was now the best cello player in the school and would like her to play for the entire 3rd grade to show them how the cello works and to be an example for them. Needless to say Lanie was excited for the opportunity and thankful for the compliment! Lanie has been practicing in anticipation of her big debut. The question is now will it be Old McDonald or Happy Birthday decisions....decisions.
We were excited for her and wanted her family to know~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kara turns 2 !

Kara turned two yesterday, it is so hard for me to believe how quickly time goes by, but it really has. I was going through some video's that we made and I came upon the one that had the weekend that Kara was born. It was amazing to see how tiny she was then and how we were so excited to see who and what this tiny little life would become. She has come a long way from that little peanut and has grown into a happy and wild two year old.
Kara has many likes and dislikes in a wide range of areas. She loves Mickey Mouse and can pick him out of any crowd. She especially loves the clubhouse show and asks for it frequently. She has started to venture out and get new favorites like Dora and Boots. She loves to run and play especially if it means running away from Mommy and Daddy, who feel very slow when chasing her and has been known to make one parent laugh at another as the other tries to catch her as she goes darting and dashing. She actually can be compared to Spiderman and seems to be able to escape at any turn! She has also decided that she loves popcicles and is very cute when she points and shows you which color she wants. Kara has a lot of favorites, she loves to swing on the swing set and will yell if you walk away while pushing her and if you continue to walk she gets off and hunts you down to come back for more. She also loves Buddy, I mean really loves him. They are playmates and are often seen running and wrestling together.
Kara has a few things that she has let us know that she doesn't like. She does not like "Happy Birthday" sung to her and yells or says "no" through out the whole song. I figured it was that we sung bad or she hasn't come to grips with turning two and this was her way to revolt! She also doesn't like to have her pacifier taken away. She calls it her "ba ba" and we were going to take it away from her when she turned two, but we are renegociating that since it will make everyone else a little happier too. We will see what the jury holds on that one. Anyway one other thing she doesn't like would be sharing, but hey who really likes to share--kidding. She will learn as we all did that it is better to share and have friends then the alternative of no friends. Although she has her list of dislikes as we all do she is a very special kid.
Kara has a sense of discovery way more than Lanie had. She loves to walk to our neighbors house and look at their flowers, or look around the corner to see what is next. She also has no fear which means that she is always willing to jump a little higher, go a little faster, or just swing a little higher. I have to give her kudoos for her sense to strive for more. She also loves water puddles, lakes, and the occasional toliet are all high points in her day!
We love Kara and are so thankful to have her in our lives and look forward to the next adventure that she brings our way. Happy Birthday Kara!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

There more to life than motor bikes and toliet bowls

So things have been have been busy here at the Burwell manor as Spring has arrived on Long Island and the rain has begun to drift away our house has become a buzz with the fresh air and warm sun that greets us each day.
Spring means yard work, random trips to the park, and an occassional stop by the ice cream man. We are enjoying this season as a family and began new adventures each in our own way. I thought I would give you all an update on what is happening around here and hope that you too would update us with what is new with you.
Kara seems to be a good place to start. Kara LOVES spring it means running in the yard, swinging on the swings and getting to ride her hot pink car. She has been fascinated with the older kids as they ride their scooters and bikes and is trying to keep up with them and unfortunately has a few straps to show for it. She has began talking at a rapid rate and is almost able to keep up with her big sister, ok maybe not but she enjoys telling you things are "broken" and still loves her "Mickey Mou" and "Pooh" which she now grabs the remote and runs to you with it. She loves the birds and enjoys pointing them out to you and also likes to pick flowers and telling you "yellow" which is her word for flower, we are still working on that.The item that Kara has been most excited about lately is the toliet. She loves to encourage her friend Tricia and her cousin Dehlia who are in the process of potty training. She loves to say yeah and throw in her own toliet paper and wave goodbye as the pee pee etc floats away. Nothing will defeat what she did last night. She actually became one with the toliet bowl!! And no to what your thinking we do not allow our 1 year to pull an all nighter of drinking and end up sucking up to the porcelien goddess no this was done perfectly sober. We were at my in laws house when I couldn't find her so as I looked around at the usually places I was surprised to see that she was in the bathroom. As I watched before my very eyes she was wading up toliet paper and dipping it in the toliet and then sticking it in her mouth and sucking the water off. AS I ran I am sure you can visualize...just like in the movies... a slow motion run with a big open mouth NOOOOOOO....but it was too late. The deed was done. So Kara is currently having her mouth suctioned out to free her from any bacteria that may have creeped into her mouth and I am taking a class titled : How to deal with a toddler who wipes the wrong end.
Lanie has been busy this Spring with a number of different things. She has began a friendship with some of the neighborhood kids again and has enjoyed riding her friend Shawns motorbike. She has actually become consummed with riding his motor bike that each day she counts down the minutes to when she can spend time with him to ride bikes together. I am glad she is outside but I am waiting for her to ask to get on temporary tattoo so she can look like a real biker! Lanie has also been involved with Girl Scouts and has now made orchestra for her cello so we will get to go and see her perform next week which is exciting. She will also have a chorus concert as well as two dance recitals. She is quite a thespian this all fits in to her love of shows and always willing to throw one together for her family and friends.Lanie is loving school and is doing a unit on butterflies. She loves learning about nature and is ready to raise her own butterflies at home.We are proud parents to say that Lanie got straight A'a this quarter and we are very proud of her!
As for Doug and I we are enjoying the weather and starting to do yard work as we prepare for the summer a head. I am looking for a summer job that will allow me to be home with the kids but still bring in some bacon or maybe just a pork rib or two. Doug is trying to fit in golf when he can, and we are looking forward to his birthday June 3 and hoping to see the new Yankee stadium soon.
Well that is it for the Burwell's, until the next update enjoy this beautiful weather!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why don't 8 year olds come with manuals?

So normally I come to this blog to brag or show off some major event at the Burwell manor, but todays installment is a stress revealer and hopefully be a blog that others can say I have been there or someday I will be there.
Anyway Lanie and I had a huge disagreement today which resulted in a major punishment for Lanie. The fight is not what this blog is about but more the after effects that stem from a argument with your child whom you love more than anything in this world.The shockwaves that kit your household.
The punishment occurred after many warnings and much debate. I do have to give Lanie kudoos in that I see her having a really good chance at becoming a lawyer in her future. The punishment was handed down and soon followed was Lanie's request for a family meeting was given. So lucky for Doug he was pulled into the debate as well. Poor Doug was then sentenced to the worst fate any man could see himself in-- in the middle of TWO women arguing. Lanie stated her side with examples and explaination as I tried to listen and give her the floor. After much debate and my side was stated the gavel fell down as the judgement was made that the punishment would stand. It was like a scene from Judge Judy except much more dramatic!
As I listen to Lanie cry it breaks my heart and flashes of my own childhood race through my mind. I realize that the feelings she has are sad and angry with a glimpse of regret. I now know that my parents were doing these things out of love for me which I now find myself in that same position,the one that has to teach the lesson. I have heard the saying that "this is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you." I now see how true this statement is and how deeply it does hurt. I don't like to see my children in pain, but I do want them to grow and be good people who make good choices and do their best to do the right thing. Most of all I want them to know that I love them! This means making hard decisions and showing all the love that I have in my heart to them.
So now I ask you wouldn't be easier if 8 years had manuals? When problems come about you thumb to the index look up the problem and key in the answer. I know what you thinking then they would be like a robot and have no emotion, no sense of drive just a simple solution. Sometimes as a parent I look for for the simple solution when there is growth on both of our parts. I am glad that Lanie is not a robot but an emotional kid much like myself at that age. I know that I am not Dr. Frankenstein, I did not invent some robot that goes and takes over the world. I am much more I am a mother who was lucky enough to create a beautiful girl who grows more beautiful each day on the inside and the outside.
So why don't 8 year olds have manuals? The answer is because there are many solutions and many ways to love your child many more that could ever fill a manual because the flow of a mothers love could never be contained in a book.
Well, it's time for me to go now.... I have to go hug "my girl."